Dick Delicious To Appear On The Howard Stern Show


We got the call yesterday from our management confirming that the producers of the Howard Stern show HAVE invited Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles to New York to appear on THE HOWARD FUCKING STERN SHOW! NO, I’M NOT DRUNK OR SUFFERING FROM SOME KIND OF DELUSION – IT IS A DONE DEAL!

The show is set to be taped on January 15th (give or take a few days). Needless to say, we are exited as fuck about this…maybe now, the 10 years and 4 months of hard work in the D.I.Y. / underground is FINALLY paying off. See you must understand – THIS IS BIG, REALLY BIG FOR US – A BAND LIKE DICK D COULD NOT FIND A BETTER FAN IN THE WORLD THE “THE KING OF ALL MEDIA”!! For those of you not familiar with the Howard Stern saga; it all stared here on 11/2/2002 when Howard Stern pronounced Diarrhea the #1 song in the country: http://www.liquored-up.com/mp3s/dick_delicious_on_howard_stern.mp3

The next day – listener feedback was so good about the song – he gave us a * PHAT PLUG * – and went on to mention that “these guys are well on their way…”, “they have a sound people are responding to”, and “HE HAD NEVER GOT SO MUCH POSITIVE E-MAIL!”….



And then he played us again the next day 11/4/2002:


And again the next day 11/5/2002:


After enough days of this, I stayed up drunk all night on Wednesday and Thursday and tried to call in when the show started at 6AM a few times and had a tough time getting through – I was starting to realize that even though the show sounds disorganized – those guys run a tight ship over there, so we’d need a different approach. So, I sent in a tape of our “Diarrhea” video and sicked our new booking agent (Robert Divine of Atlanta / Pacific Entertainment) on him. By the following Monday the show had called him back and told him that Thursday (yesterday) they would be having “a meeting about us to decide”. Thursday (yesterday) they came back with a resounding “YES – THEY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE US ON THE HOWARD STERN SHOW!!”

We are booking a tour of as many cities as possible of the Stern Show markets to correspond with the airing of the show and even are being lined up to play in the South By Southwest music conference in Austin, TX. So if we haven’t played your city before – there is a good chance we will now.

So what does this mean for us? Are we finally going to “make it”? Who knows? For many years we have suffered from ISS (Immanent Success Syndrome) – for a minute we’d get some heat on us and then it would go away. This time, it seems the stars seem to be aligning for us – more shit is going right now than ever before. With any luck we will become an Overnight Sensation, a bidding war will break out for us to sign, we will get a multi-billion dollar recording deal, do TRL, then Britney Spears, tour the globe dozens of times over, have torrid affairs with a series of supermodels and Victoria’s Secret chicks, do a brief stint at the Betty Ford clinic, and then be found dead in a swimming pool with a needle for of heroin in the arm at the peak of our success (VH1 story will follow). Or maybe not, we’ll see what happens…

To everyone who e-mail and supported us – thanks a lot – it really helped!!

We’re looking for strippers, porn stars, and just general naked chicks to come up and do the show with us. Hit me at jayq@attbi.com if you can help.

FYI: Diarrhea went all the way up to #5 on the Heavy Metal charts on MP3.com!!

Lastly, it seems that media rolls downhill – even to the point where we’ve been getting noticed by people in our OWN BACK YARD – apparently “Diarrhea” is now a staple of the 96 Rock Morning Guys show, the Creative Loafing had us in the front page of their music section, we’ve been written about in pollstar, and our CD sales of the website have gone THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF through our website / eBay! It’s almost too good to be true!

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