The Infamous Diarrhea on the Planet Kolob resurfaces on Youtube

The Infamous long-lost Diarrhea on the Planet Kolob video has re-surfaced!


2 fans of Dick Delicious with a ton of talent and way too much time on their hands made a kick ass video for our classic opus “Diarrhea”

I got lucky and found the VHS tape when I was cleaning out my office. I brought it up the street to a VHS conversion place in Burbank. I thought this was lost forever. The band doesn’t enter until around the 6 minutes mark and this isn’t us in the video, though I will have to say this video impresses me as much now as i…t did all those years ago.

Our fans our always sending crazy shit, bands are sending demos fit for inducing migraines, stupid homemade Jackass videos, subpoenas – all kinds of shit. One day I checked our mailbox and found a package containing a video entitled “Diarrhea on the Planet Kolob”. I was thinking like, “Cool somebody made some goofy home movie and put our song in it.” The tape sat on my desk for almost a month till I finally watched it one night when I was bored off my ass.

For the first I watched the VHS, which seemed like combination South Park, Thriller, and Gummo about a group of aliens sent to Earth by their merciless leader in a quest for quality entertainment thinking, “What does this have to do with us?”. Then as it got a little way into it I realized – IT WASN’T A MOVIE WITH OUR SONG IN IT…IT WAS A MOVIE ABOUT OUR SONG AND IT WAS SOME REALLY IMPRESSIVE SHIT!! The film (about 10 minutes in length) is professional as hell, well written, and funny as fuck – AND IT WAS MADE BY SOME GUYS WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW!! THE FUCKING BACKSTREET BOYS DON’T GET ANYTHING THIS COOL!!

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