3 Songs from the New Album now posted on this site…

We originally only had the 3 new songs from our new album “A Vulgar Display of Obscurity” available at the SignMeToRoadRunner contest. We went to #1 Daily Metal Charts and #3 weekly metal charts! How much better can you do? For some reason the contract hasn’t showed up…

So we figured rather than send them our traffic to support their bands, we’d host the songs ourselves.

A lot of people have been asking when we’d drop the new album. We are in talks with one label, if it doesn’t work out — we’ll just but it out ourselves and try to get out on the road as much as possible.

Here are the new songs:

Leave comments, we’d love to know what you think.

Here all of our free MP3S here.

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I'm the singer / guitarsist / do everything guy for this rag tag outfit. It's glorious!
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