Dick Delicious Reports From “The Big 4”

Here’s my unedited twitter feed – I updated throught the day::


My Story (with others covered by The Gauntlet):


Pics of Jeff Hannemen as he makes his triumphant return to Slayer:

http://www.thegauntlet.com/article/3…urns-to-SLAYER (I handed him his guitar)

Here’s a couple highlights I didn’t see on The Gauntlet:

Jeff Hannemen from Slayer told me “he loved out new album” at an afterparty at The Big 4, it was an unsolicited compliment! Means a lot coming from the guy who wrote most of “Reign In Blood”!

Jeff about to take his guitar to return to Slayer after becoming a victim of a flesh eating desease.

Good seats no?

Drunken after-party!

Pretty awesome day. Had a 4x hangover yesterday!

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