DDTT Release “Feed the Homeless (To Each Other)” Music Video

We’ve release our latest viral-video masterpiece “Feed the Homeless (To Each Other)” on YouTube. I give them 24 Hours before they pull it. If you like cannibalism, fetus football, blood soaked money-shots or are just tired of homeless assholes: This is the video for you!

This song features Troy Sanders of Mastodon (new album 9/27) on backing vocals and Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth (new album 9/27) as bum killed in video! Check out Kevin’s new band Primate – they rule!

Our new album “A Vulgar Display of Obscurity” will be in stores 9/13/2011 and is already available on iTunes and other great digital distributors.

Special thanks to Shane Morton, Harold Sellers, Kevin Sharp, The Guys In Thoatpunch, Brandy, and Lisa for help us do so much with a little!

Want the lyrics? Keep reading…

Lyrics: Feed the Homeless (to each other)
Drunken in the gutter
Begging in the streets
Digging through the garbage
For something to eat
Cracked out in a dumpster
Amongst all the pollution
The homelessness and hunger problem
I’ve got the solution

Feed the homeless to each other
Broke into my b’mer
And took a shit in it
Yeah I got a dollar
But you ain’t getting it
To kill them up
and grill them up
Might sound a bit extreme
We’ll serve them to each other
Just like soilent green

Feed the homeless to each other

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