Dick Delicious Releases 3 New Songs from New Album Online

We just dropped 3 new songs on our ReverbNation page for the release of the album. We figured you were getting bored of hearing the crap we already online!

“A Friend With Cocaine Is A Good Friend (Until the Cocaine Runs Out)”
– (Featuring Brent Hinds on slide guitar and vocals)

“Viagrivated Assault”
http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/57073949 – The album opener, killer song.

“Jagermeister (It’s Not For Breakfast Anymore)”
– Autobiographical, sad but true.

Don’t forget our new album just came out this week with a 10-panel fold-out will all of the lyrics. Click here to find out more info on where you can pick up our latest release: “A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity”


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3 Responses to Dick Delicious Releases 3 New Songs from New Album Online

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  2. Arthur says:

    about timing. Honestly I have your eaelrir movies on VCD but they are mostly not very memorable. I am so glad that you had gained so much from your stage experience in 2005. The timing now is ripe!

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