Dick Delicious Wants Strippers and Other Crazy Maniacs ONSTAGE for shows now!!!!

Hey folks, as I am sure you are aware we have a tour coming up and we’d are going to do this tour “old school” style – that’s right ski masks, strippers, porno mags, and maniacs going crazy onstage. Like you can see if in sections of the video below or some of these other classic videos.

The only trouble is trying to tour with strippers, they would probably be dead strippers by the 3rd show, plus we don’t make jack shit for money on the road, so we are reaching out to local fans in each town trying to get some crazy mother fuckers and hot girls onstage to make our live shows the depraved spectacle that you won’t soon forget!!

Always wanted to go ape-shit onstage in a skimask? Well now is you chance. Get hold of me (Dick) by any of these methods if you are interested in being part of a DDTT show in your city.

Dick Delicious (Jason aka “jay”) – 310-666-5449 – jayisagoldengod@gmail.com

Like I said, we are broke, but we can promise you a party and some free DDTT swag of something, the tour dates are as follows…

12/2 – Spartanburg, SC – Ground ZeroFacebook / Twitter
12/3 – Alanta, GA – Gravity PubFacebook / Twitter
12/4 – Chatanooga, TN – ZiggysFacebook / Twitter
12/5 – Ft. Walton Beach, FL – CoastersFacebook / Twitter
12/6 – New Orleans, LA – SiberiaFacebook / Twitter
12/7 – Arlington, TX – The RanchFacebook / Twitter
12/8 – Austin, TX – HeadhuntersFacebook – Twitter
12/9 – Houson, TX – MangosFacebook – Twitter
12/10 – San Antonio, TX – ZombiesFacebook – Twitter

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