Cool Various Links: Prank Calls - Prank Call and CD by Dick Delicious
Prick Magazine - Atlanta's #1 Tattoo Rag!!
Rock Confidential - Rock n' porn - the perfect mix!
Joey Boots - Stern Guest and prankster.
Stern Fan Network - Best Howard Stern site.
WRECKAGE - Possibly the best heavy metal show in the USA and the only ones with the guts to play Dick Delicious. - home of the Milwaukee Metal Fest.
The Gauntlet - a great site to visit for all things METAL!!
Ground Zero - The coolest club in SC or about anywhere!!
Metal Rules Magazine - Great 'zine for all of you metal heads.
Dean's Planet - Stern, celebs, gereral mayhem.
Thr Darkest Hours - Internet metal radio.
Modern Rock - List you band.


Brutal Truth - Grindcore!
Mastodon - One of the best metal bands ever!
Tenacious D
- People say we will be like them in a few years.

Novocaine - Help Jaun pay for his DUI - good friends, great band.
Nashville Pussy - My friends, roommates, and a great band.
9 Pound Hammer - Pre Nashville Pussy cowpunk.
The Hellions - Beefcake from Gwar's sideproject.
Macarbe - One of the best metal bands ever.
The Spo-its - One of Dick's other projects
The Dayglow Abortions - old school punk as fuck!
The Despised - Killer Atlanta hardcore outfit! (Dick played on new CD!!) - the official Frank Zappa page - one of my favorites of all time
Slayer - probably the best metal band of all time.
Primate - Bill from Mastodon's punk side project!
Blackberry - ATL good ole boys.

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