dick delicious and the tasty testicles 2011 Dick Delicious was formed in Mesopotamia, in the fall of 1992 by freelance gynecologist Richard B. Delicious and chili technician Hugh G. Rection. The pair had been searching for a drummer for twenty years until they found their first drummer, Harry Scrotum, hiding in the back of the van. Shortly thereafter, they relocated to Atlanta and the trio began playing locally and recorded their first demo, “Guns, Drugs, Ski Masks and Pornography”. The tape (recorded on a cheesy 6-track in a basement) charted on college radio and sold around 500 copies in a few months. The band’s penchant as a joke band that could actually play, adorned by scantily clad female dancers, outrageous onstage antics, and politically incorrect lyrics quickly made them one of Atlanta’s top draws.

In 1994 DDTT hooked up with Spanish Fly label (Babes in Toyland) to put out the “I Wish I Was a Dog” 7-inch. With the release of the single, the band broadened its horizons and began to play regionally, quickly gaining a following in other cities by giving away free crack cocaine to the audience.

By 1995, the band had attracted the attention of Atlanta based, “Reality Records”. The band recorded and mixed their debut CD in four hectic days at the legendary Triclops Studios in Atlanta. The band went on the road sporadically in support of the CD when their van wasn’t broken down. Shortly after the release of the CD, the band parted ways with Reality Records because the label was really nothing more than a tax write-off for some yuppie diamond selling asshole. They began pressing and promoting the debut CD in true DIY fashion. The effort paid off. It soared up SoundScan and went aluminum.

By 1997 the band had fallen on rough times. DDTT briefly added a second guitar player, B.L. Zebub, and the group had gone through about seven drummers (in true Spinal Tap fashion). They’d had all of their gear stolen from their practice room, and Dick had gotten arrested for possession of LSD in some podunk town in Georgia while on tour. Things went on indefinite hiatus…

DDTT returned in early 1998 with the best lineup to date, and drummer Chaz Chizler. They recorded a new CD “We Sold Our Souls for Wet Sloppy Holes”, which was released ala 2Pac style in the summer of 1999 after Dick served a 7.5 month sentence in prison for drug possession.

Around that time the band received an unexpected break – heavy Napster trading finally had made them a household name (just ask anyone) and they began to appear on TRL disguised as Carson Daily, Fred Durst, and Eminem. The band was badly injured in a rush of 15-year-old groupies.

In October 2000, after numerous Satanic rituals, Dick Delicious was healed by Satan and came back with an even better than the last line-up lineup. Dick and Hugh joined the Black Panther Party and vowed to never have another “no-rhythm having cracker” on drums ever again. Thus, they recruited drummer and first black member Busta Hymen – at a race riot in South Africa.

In 2001, after numerous “near misses” with negotiations with record labels, the band decided to form their own label, “WFPTSO (We Finally Put This Shit Out Ourselves Records)” and released the band’s 3rd CD, “Bigger Than Ron Jeremy”. They also reissued the first two CDs on their new label. The future looked bright, plans included: getting colon cancer, amputating their arms with plastic sporks, and taking Jessica Simpson to a donkey show.

In 2002 Hugh discovered he was half Jewish, when his German side attempted to throw him in an open pizza oven. July 2002 marked 10 years of the band being together.

By late 2002, Busta quit and DDTT got yet another new drummer: Les Winen; who only played with the band briefly and was later found dead in a gay bathhouse in Midtown, apparently having overdosed on what was at least 70 times the amount of semen that precipitated the famous 1977 Rod Stewart urban legend.

A short while later, the band finally got a “stable” drummer, Stu Pidasso, who is the drummer of the band to date.

Also in late 2002, their song “Diarrhea” became a staple on The (then terrestrial) Howard Stern Show and received unprecedented listener response. In January 2003 The Howard Stern Show invited the band out for an on-air appearance in the New York studio. Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles became the first and only recipients of the “Howard Stern Award for Excellence” in the field of music. The whole band was on LSD during the interview and was easily the most wasted guests in Stern Show history.

This was, perhaps, the “high water” mark in the band’s “career”.

Three months later in 2003, problems within the band finally came to a head, Dick quit and the band broke up.

The band reunited in 2007 to play at the AVN Awards in Vegas. The performance was a smashing success, so the band began to tour sporadically again.

In early 2010 Dick and Hugh decided it was time to put out another release. The band began recording their 4th studio album, traveling back and forth between Atlanta and Los Angeles (where Dick now resides). During the recording of the album Grammy-nominated guitarist Ruyter Suys, from Nashville Pussy was so impressed by the early rough mixes, she became a full time member of the band.

During the recording process, the band received some unexpected help from Brent Hinds, Troy Sanders and Bill Kelliher of Mastodon, as well as, Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth, and Blaine Cartwright from Nashville Pussy. All contributed to tracks on the album.

In early January 2011, mixing was finally completed with the help of Korn engineer, Justin Walden, for what was to become the epic 40 track / 78 minute opus, “A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity” – which is widely agreed, to be the best DDTT album to date.

Days before the Super Bowl XLV, the band issued it’s first new music to the form of “I Want To Kill The Black Eyed Peas” which quickly racked up 16k views on Youtube.

The band shopped the record around for a few months with some interest from labels but, to no avail. Though frustrated, the band finally caught a break when “MVD Distribution” agreed to distribute them under “Nashville Pussy’s” newly formed “Slinging Pig Records”.

In July 2011, the band signed a PR deal with Motorhead‘s publicist Rhonda Saenz, to promote the upcoming album.

“A Vulgar Display of Obscurity” hits stores September 13, 2011. The band will also be on tour with Nashville Pussy and the Dwarves this summer and fall.

After 18 years of toil, could 2011 finally be the year for DDTT?

Time will tell…

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