“Sores On My Dick” (That Ballad of Mr. Marcus) – Operation Asparagus

This isn’t a new Dick Delicious song. This is a song from my one man band, I “abandoned” in 2003: Operation Asparagus. It features the only musician good enough to keep up with me: ME!!

I think I’m gonna bring it back!

This is about the recent syphilis outbreak in the porn industry. I really don’t have personally anything against Mr. Marcus, but I’ve had to deal with this shit for the last 2-3 weeks, plus he’s had the doors to one of my businesses closed for the last 2 weeks. It’s only natural it would come out in song…

Sores On My Dick” (That Ballad of Mr. Marcus) – Operation Asparagus


Fun little song I made about Bath Salts. I decided to put this under OPERATION ASPARAGUS as a projec, though I have no plans of busting out the singing fish any time soon. It’s just stuff I record on my own. This started as music I recorded on GarageBad on iPad then dumped it into ProTools and it’s turned out as…I don’t know WTF to call it, but I think it’s pretty cool, it’s original anyways!


“Best Of” Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles now available FREE on Spotify!

In lieu of putting out a “Best Of” Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles” CD that nobody will buy , this is a “Best Of” DDTT as determined by Dick Delicious is now available as a playlist on Spotify.

Feel free to suggest additions or subtractions in the comments section of this post. The great thing about playlists is they are not written in stone. If you don’t have Spotify, get it now, it’s free and you’ll probably never use iTunes again.

We are still working to get a West Coast Tour, but getting the logistics of getting a band with 4 members living 4 different states is becoming increasingly difficult.

Stay tuned for updates.

Check out the playlist here:

Dick Delicious Frontman Looking To Start A New LA Based Band

First, I didn’t quit, nor am I quitting Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles. We don’t get to play that much except for recording and touring, but I want to keep my chops up.

I have a really good idea for a band. It will start as basically a cover band of the period of metal that I like the most: Early-To-Mid-Eighties “extreme metal”. I’ve but together a list of 30 something songs I can play on guitar (and sing if necessary) from some of my favorite bands from that time including Celtic Frost, Kreator, Bathory, early Exodus, Whiplash, Carnivore, Dark Angel, early-Pestilence, Obituary , Sodom, Voi Vod, and Sacred Reich. I’m trying to avoid the really well known “Big 4” bands (although a Hell Awaits Slayer song will be in there somewhere) and play music by the more obscure bands that when I heard them for the first time actually kinda scared me.

I’ve written up a cool setlist already email me if you want to see it.

There is decent resurgence in this type of music, so playing out we’d probably gain a following in LA pretty quickly.

Of course, my intent is not not always remain a cover band, but I don’t want to hand over my plans for world metal domination just yet.

I am seeking a drummer, bass player, another guitarist (if needed), and a vocalist (if needed). Hell, I’ll play bass if you can play guitar better that me (highly unlikely).

As far as my credentials, I’ve played and toured “professionally”, recorded numerous albums, have gear, car, life, etc.

Best way to get hold of me is email: jayisagoldengod@gmail.com

Or you can text me 310-666-5445

Or find me on twitter of Facebook:

Dick Delicious Releases 3 New Songs from New Album Online

We just dropped 3 new songs on our ReverbNation page for the release of the album. We figured you were getting bored of hearing the crap we already online!

“A Friend With Cocaine Is A Good Friend (Until the Cocaine Runs Out)”
– (Featuring Brent Hinds on slide guitar and vocals)

“Viagrivated Assault”
http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/57073949 – The album opener, killer song.

“Jagermeister (It’s Not For Breakfast Anymore)”
– Autobiographical, sad but true.

Don’t forget our new album just came out this week with a 10-panel fold-out will all of the lyrics. Click here to find out more info on where you can pick up our latest release: “A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity”


“A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity” Hits Stores 9/13/2011

It’s official, “A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity” hits stores, Tuesday 9/13/2011. You can pre-order it right now from MVD / Slinging Pig Records right here NOW:

A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity Pre-Order:

http://seeofsound.com/p.php?s=SP002 – order directly from MVD, get yours first.

The “official” version of the album has a new 10-panel fold-out with all of the lyrics printed and looks fucking rad. It consists of 80 minutes of music and 40 tracks. Check out some free samples from the new album here.

As you probably know by now, album features guest appearances by Brent Hinds, Troy Sanders and Bill Kelliher from Mastodon and Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth.

You can also pick up the new album at any of the following locations:

Best Buy – Now there is a sign of the Apocalypse. The customer reviews have use rated 5 stars so far. Of course you can find DDTT on iTunes or order directly from the band.
You can also find “A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity” at: Amazon, Buy.com, MusicStack (AU), Ebay, Barnes and Noble, TakeALot (EU), Borders Books, and many more — or go to your favorite local record store (if they are still open) and ask for a copy.

So far the reviews have been pretty good, so far and with new ones coming out every day:


That’s all for now, don’t forget we have a ton of cool new merch.

Look for us on tour soon and please resist the temptation to Torrent our music. Recording it made us broke enough.

DDTT Release “Feed the Homeless (To Each Other)” Music Video

We’ve release our latest viral-video masterpiece “Feed the Homeless (To Each Other)” on YouTube. I give them 24 Hours before they pull it. If you like cannibalism, fetus football, blood soaked money-shots or are just tired of homeless assholes: This is the video for you!

This song features Troy Sanders of Mastodon (new album 9/27) on backing vocals and Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth (new album 9/27) as bum killed in video! Check out Kevin’s new band Primate – they rule!

Our new album “A Vulgar Display of Obscurity” will be in stores 9/13/2011 and is already available on iTunes and other great digital distributors.

Special thanks to Shane Morton, Harold Sellers, Kevin Sharp, The Guys In Thoatpunch, Brandy, and Lisa for help us do so much with a little!

Want the lyrics? Keep reading… Continue reading “DDTT Release “Feed the Homeless (To Each Other)” Music Video”

A Ton Of New DDTT Merch Now Available!!

It only took us 10 years abut we’ve finally put out a bunch of new Dick Delicious T-Shirts, Hats, Cumrags and now have a 4CD Box Set Available. These are our new items, you can see everything at our online store.

Check this shit out…



BEST VALUE: All 4 CD’s: “Bigger than Ron Jeremy”,

“We Sold Our Souls for Wet Sloppy Holes”, and our self titled

We throw in a free copy of the Liqoured-Up prank call CD, posters, and other shwag with each order (while supplies last)! Dick Delicious Box Set (4 discs) – $30

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Don’t forget that the new album is now available on iTunes:

Why “The War On Drugs” is like a War on Bacon!

To commiserate the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s failed “War On Drugs” and the availability of our album on iTunes — I put together a quickie “I Won The Drug War” video today:

It’s one of the 40 tracks on our new album. Continue reading “Why “The War On Drugs” is like a War on Bacon!”