Some Footage From The Dick Delicious 21st Anniversary Show in Atlanta

Here is some video show by a fan from our 21st Anniversary Show in Atlanta. The audio isn’t the best, we will have some better footage soon, but this will give you the idea.

It was a blast, I think I’m still hungover.

We are still planning the West Coast soon!


Dick Delicious Announces First Live Show Dates In Over A Year

dick_delicious_first_albumLOS ANGELES / ATLANTA – Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles 21st anniversary “tour dates” in over a year and they are as follows.


4/5/2013 – Ground Zero, Spartanburg, SC (I think)

4/6/2013 – Atlanta, GA – The Highlander 21ST Anniversary Party (For sure booked – will be packed asses to elbows, get there early)

2/7/2013 – Ft. Walton Beach, FL @Coasters (I’m kinda think)

Hey, if it’s more than one show, it’s a “tour”, right? We were planning some shows for our 20th anniversary, but we flaked. It’s hard to believe it’s been 21 years since the band formed in 1992.

As all old bands that get crappy the do, the current plan is to play the entire “classic” first album in track order (listen free on Spotify here) I’m not sure if we will stick to that..we shall see.

It annoys me when I go to see Iron Maiden and they play anything older than Powerslave…Why should our fans be any different?

We are not sure who will be playing drums (other than it will be anyone but Stu Pidasso) and we are not sure if Ruyter Suys will be present either. His replacement for these shows could be anyone from our revolving list of past drummers to a Grammy-Nominated celebrity stand in.

That’s all for now. This is about as organized as we get.

If you are a club, fan, or curmudgeon that would like to book us in that period of time and area please contact us and we will see if we can put something together.




Dick Delicious Winter “World Travesty Tour” Southeast Tour Diary

Hey folks –The Southeast leg of Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles “World Travesty Tour” is over. In case you are wondering how it went, have to take a really long dump, or simply enjoy 4000+ typos and grammatical errors – here is a rundown of the whole debacle from my (Dick Delicious’s) perspective…

dick delicious and the tasty testicles

Saturday / Sunday 11/26-27: Prequel – Went to a Xmas party with Miss Norway. Wound up taking some acid, blacking out for 8 hours (which could have been the best 8 hours of my life). Woke up, it was dark; I didn’t know what day it was – there were naked girls strewn about the house. Found my iPhone; realized it was Sunday night. I hadn’t packed and was leaving in the morning; so much for getting any rest. Continue reading “Dick Delicious Winter “World Travesty Tour” Southeast Tour Diary”

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles (live 2002 uncensored)

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles – live… by dickdelicious666

The encore of of a 2003 show featuring some strippers too hot for Youtube – songs include “Big Stinky Pussies” and “I Wish I Was A Dog” with some spoofing on Madonna and the Spice Girls.

A little taste of what you can expect from our upcoming tour.

DIck Delicious and The Tasty Testicles: Behind The “Music” w/ Howard Stern

From the Howard Stern interview of DIck Delicious and The Tasty Testicles. The whole band was tripping their brains out on acid. We made it into a “Behind The Music” style. This video touches on almost all aspects of the band’s shit-show career to that period (read AOL Music article about this).

We recently got hold of a never-seen live footage that is pretty incredible.

You really should check it out, so you know what to expect on the upcoming December Tour.

Dick Delicious Announces East Coast CD Release Show

It’s official our East Coast CD Release Party will be at the Masquerade in Atlanta on Wednesday, May, 25 2011 with Psychostick. New disc will be out very soon! 🙂 Look for some West Coast dates to follow.

We are playing the middle slot so show up early.

We will have the new album available to buy. The album release date and track listing will be posted shortly.

Masquerade, Atlanta
Wednesday, May 25th @ 9PM (that’s when we play)