2 Shows Only / Ever: First Dick Delicious Album (In Track Order) + Drummer Announced

Atlanta / LA – Two very special (by special, we mean retarded) shows only /ever, Dick Delicious will be playing the entire first album (in track order) like most bands do when they become irrelevant.

Expect this…

1. It Was the Tits
2. Big Stinky Pussies
3. Safe Sex Don’t Stop Crabs
4. I Wish I Was A Dog
5. El Guapo
6. Weekend In Tijuana
7. Jack Shack Girl
8. Nuclear Beer Fart
9. Woodchipper
10. 2001 and Whatever
11. Masturbating for a Brighter Tomorrow
12. F.U.B. (Fat Ugly Bitch)
13. Waking Up in a Pool of Vomit and Dirty Needles
14. I Want to Be a Porn Star

* – The “encore” could be anything, we’ll keep you in suspense.

The only picture I could find of Les Winen with the band....

Playing drums will be the return of the mighty, Les Winin will be taking over because Stu Pidasso could the shows for personal reasons.

Bring your foggy memories of the 1995.

“Tour dates” are here.


Dick Delicious Announces First Live Show Dates In Over A Year

dick_delicious_first_albumLOS ANGELES / ATLANTA – Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles 21st anniversary “tour dates” in over a year and they are as follows.


4/5/2013 – Ground Zero, Spartanburg, SC (I think)

4/6/2013 – Atlanta, GA – The Highlander 21ST Anniversary Party (For sure booked – will be packed asses to elbows, get there early)

2/7/2013 – Ft. Walton Beach, FL @Coasters (I’m kinda think)

Hey, if it’s more than one show, it’s a “tour”, right? We were planning some shows for our 20th anniversary, but we flaked. It’s hard to believe it’s been 21 years since the band formed in 1992.

As all old bands that get crappy the do, the current plan is to play the entire “classic” first album in track order (listen free on Spotify here) I’m not sure if we will stick to that..we shall see.

It annoys me when I go to see Iron Maiden and they play anything older than Powerslave…Why should our fans be any different?

We are not sure who will be playing drums (other than it will be anyone but Stu Pidasso) and we are not sure if Ruyter Suys will be present either. His replacement for these shows could be anyone from our revolving list of past drummers to a Grammy-Nominated celebrity stand in.

That’s all for now. This is about as organized as we get.

If you are a club, fan, or curmudgeon that would like to book us in that period of time and area please contact us and we will see if we can put something together.




DIck Delicious and The Tasty Testicles: Behind The “Music” w/ Howard Stern

From the Howard Stern interview of DIck Delicious and The Tasty Testicles. The whole band was tripping their brains out on acid. We made it into a “Behind The Music” style. This video touches on almost all aspects of the band’s shit-show career to that period (read AOL Music article about this).

We recently got hold of a never-seen live footage that is pretty incredible.

You really should check it out, so you know what to expect on the upcoming December Tour.

Busta Hymen Kick Ass!!

Busta Hymen on Drums

DDTT’s new drummer Cary Sulton stepped right in place, playing his first show opening for Nashville Pussy @ the 40 Watt in Athens, GA, without even one rehearsal – and he straight up stepped up and wrecked shit!! His solid drumming was a welcome departure from Chaz Chizler’s cluttered tasteless drumming. He also followed up with a terrific show in Savahanna, GA and Ft. Walton beach – again with no practice!!

Future Dick Delicious plans include and Anal Cunt style grindcore album, an acoustic CD, and the band is writing material for a 3rd CD.

Chaz Chizler gets shit-canned!!

It’s been a long time coming, but drummer Chaz Chizler has been fired from the band for the following reasons:

1. Wouldn’t tour.
2. Undependable.
3. Is a compulsive liar.
4. Thinks every song is one giant drum solo – can’t play a straight beat because he is gay.
5. Just an overall lazy fuck.

He will be replaced, for the time being, by Cary Sulton from the Columbia, SC band – “Hand Over Fist”.

If you are interested in auditioning as a drummer please email me or call 404/377-0335.

We wish him the best of luck in his future career as an exterminator – because he ain’t worth a shit as a musician.